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Dog Training is Healthy for Your Relationship and Bonding

Dog Training is Healthy for Your Relationship and Bonding

Congratulations on your new puppy! Did you know that you’re about to enter into a cooperative arrangement between you both that will alter your lives forever? The bond between dog and owner is one of the strongest known to man!

The more interaction you two have, the more opportunities you’ll have to strengthen these foundations for years to come. Dog training is probably the absolute best bonding activity a human and dog can do together!

- Happier interactions = longer lifespan and lower daily stress or anxiety
- Your dog will give you a sense of companionship.
- Dog training offers a feeling of accomplishment.
- The companionship of the pet-owner bond decreases depression among the elderly.


Benefits of a Trained Dog

Not only will your dog know what you ask him to do, but he will gladly do it if only to spend time with his beloved owner! There is rarely a need to correct a trained dog. On top of this, you’ll be able to play games together, like ‘hide and seek’, or ‘find the toy’ whenever you want to, and your pup will go out of his way to stick by your side!

A trained dog knows what is being expected of him, which will decrease both the stress and ultimately anxiety, to both of you!


Positive Dog Training

In psychological terms, ‘positive reinforcement’ just means the addition of a reinforcer to encourage or discourage the behavior. A treat and praise could be positive, just like the addition of a jolt from an electric collar! Of course, no one but an educated dog trainer or animal behaviorist thinks in these terms, and ‘positive punishment’ isn’t always the best for healthy dog training.

Positive = Addition

In order to best strengthen your pet-owner bond, you want to focus on reward-based positive reinforcement dog training that provides a sense of enjoyment and accomplishment! Show your dog he only has great things to gain from performing the work you want him to! Healthy dog training should be fun and rewarding, and your dog should look forward to the training time.

  • Use enthusiastic praise!
  • Small training treats make wonderful rewards!
  • Turn your dog’s desire to play into a reward!

Dog training is healthy for relationships and bonding because you are both happy doing it, and you both are enjoying the time spent together! The list of benefits below applies to both pet and owner, working to solidify their everlasting bond.

- Lower blood pressure
- Lower stress level
- Endurance, Stamina, Muscle Tone
- Cardiovascular Fitness

Benefits of Puppy Training Classes

Puppy training classes offer a fantastic base to begin obedience training with and help you (the dog parent) learn how to continue to teach your pup for years to come! You’ll learn basic dog training principles that will never lose their value. But- the most important benefit from puppy training classes might be something unexpected!

Puppy training classes offer the human owner social contact with other pet owners, and enhance community growth with interaction! Not only will you have your furry companion, but you might make human friends too.

Dog Waiting for Owner

Dog Socialization Training

The true value lies in the socialization training puppy classes will offer! You only have a short window when your pup is most open to his surroundings and eager to pick up new social skills with every fun encounter, so why not take advantage of it?

  • Introduce your puppy to as many new animals, and people, as possible ay a young age!
  • Ensure each new encounter is the best, happiest, and most enjoyable experience it can be!

Failing to socialize a dog when he is young can lead to disastrous results later in life. On the flip side, a better-socialized dog is happier, less stressed or anxious, and is able to have more fun with both other dogs and people.

Two Dogs Socializing Outside

Dog Training Tips

Before you start dog training, you’ll want to keep these simple steps in mind. Following these will make your training healthier and more rewarding for both handler and pet.

Be Consistent.

Your dog training will be much easier, and your pup will learn what it is you want him to perform much quicker if you are consistent. Once you are able to determine what dog training approach works best, stick to that approach every time you train your dog!

Set a Schedule.

Setting a dog training schedule is part of consistency. Your training efforts will become so much easier for both of you when you both know what to expect out of every day and when to expect it!

Reward Good Behavior.

In order to show your pup the rewards or outcomes are always worth his effort, always reward every successful attempt! Reward immediately, before other behaviors occur to confuse your pet.

Your dog will begin to associate the praise and food rewards with you, the owner, in addition to the training. This means your dog will associate all of these great things witty you, and only want to spend time with you more often!

Teach ‘Stay, Sit and Come (recall) First.

These are like ‘foundation commands’, and knowing these three will make all other future dog training efforts that much easier.

Woman Sitting on Floor Trainer Her two Dogs

Strengthen Bonds with Reward Based Positive Reinforcement!

As long as you promote a cheerful sense of pleasant gratitude for your pup’s accomplishments, dog training is healthy for your relationship and bonding every time! Your goal should be to show your dog he only will benefit from accomplishing your training tasks. As long as the ends justify the means to your furry one, he’ll perform any task you teach him!

Be patient, and approach dog training slowly/gradually. Don’t rush, and give your dog time to adjust to this new human-like behavior.

  • Show your dog the effort the task requires is worth the reward in the end.
  • You can make a reward seem more valuable than it actually is with enthusiastic praise.
  • Be patient, careful not to move to fast or discourage your dog.
  • Healthy dog training needs to be a slow process taken in steps.
Dog being very focused on his/her owner while being trained

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