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You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions below. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, please contact us.

General Questions

The Natural Bowl is a dehydrated high quality dog food product.

Dehydration is the process of removing the moisture from a product.

This is one of the oldest ways used to preserve food. By gently heating and dehydrating the food, we're killing all nasty bacteria, and at the same time preserving the food by preventing mold without having to add preservatives.

We believe dehydration is the perfect way to preserve the taste and healthy qualities of pet food without having to use additives such as preservatives.

By dehydrating we are the closest you can get to raw pet food, but without the risk of bacteria from handling and feeding the raw meat.

The Natural Bowl can be stored anywhere. We have no temperature requirements. Simply put it on a shelf like you would with your flour or sugar. Just make sure it's kept in a dry place until you're ready to prepare it.

Once prepared and mixed with water, it should be stored in the fridge until use. Please see more details in the next section.

No. We only sell online directly from us to you with no middle man such as a pet store.

By removing the middle man, we can keep the price of our products down compared to our competitors, without compromising the quality.

Feeding Questions

If your dog is switching from a dried kibble or canned food, we always recommend to slowly introduce The Natural Bowl into the current meal.  Starting with as little as half a scoop and slowly increasing each day, until the complete adjustment. 

This slow introduction schedule will allow your dog to adjust to their new diet without indigestion problem as diarrhea or constipation.

Keep in mind to always have fresh water for your dog, all day long.

See more detailed feed instructions here.

How to improve your fussy dog appetite.

There are several way to adjust the appetite, and getting your dog to eat again:

• Have a healthy feeding routine by feeding your dog at the same time every day and let pooch have two meals pr. day. One in the morning, and one at dinner time, as this will make them feeling more full all day long.

• Stop feeding your pooch treats, and only let him/her have their daily meal, twice a day, so they will appreciate the food they are getting.

• Make the meal more tasty and delicious for your dog, which will increase their appetite. Try to mix The Natural Bowl into your dogs daily meal. You can also try to heat the meal slightly, as this will make it smell more yummy for dogs.

Yeah, there is no harm in mixing The Natural Bowl with kibble or mix between our recipes. Just make sure your pet have a happy stomach. 

Yes, You can prepare our food the day before, but remember once it have been rehydrated, it needs to be refrigerated to keep it healthy and fresh.

No. You only need to use warm tap water and stir the porridge for about 5 minutes, and it is ready to be served.

You don’t need to use boiled water to make our delicious food. If you do want to use boiled water it is very important to allow it to cool well down before being served - we cannot stress this enough. We strongly recommend simply using lukewarm tap water.

Procuct Questions

Yes, of course, We are very proud of our product and recipes, and if a customer (or its owner) is not satisfied, we can offer to take the unopened pouches back. Please visit our Return Policy for the details.

Cooking for your beloved companions is an option, but many really don’t have the time and energy after a long day from work. 

The Natural Bowl is a simple solution to creating a wholesome meal in under 5 minutes.

Our product contains no preservatives or colouring and is made from only natural ingredients.

No. Our entire product line is currentlyGrain Free

The Natural Bowl is manufactured in Pennsylvania right here in the USA. We ONLY use US sourced ingredients. We have NO content from China or other overseas sources.

The Natural Bowl products have a shelf life 12 month prior to rehydration.

If the product is kept in a cool, dry and dark place, it will last for up to 12 months once the bag is opened. Once water is added the food should be treated as fresh, refrigerated and used within 48 hours.

Ordering and Shipping Questions

At the moment, no. We may add a subscription if we have enough demand for it.

We do currently ONLY ship to the United States. We are considering adding other countries.

For orders above $49 we offer free standard shipping.

For orders below $49 we charge a the lowest rate we can find on Standard Shipping.

For all orders we offer 2 day expedited and 1 day express shipping for an additional fee which will be calculated at checkout.

Standard shipping to the contiguous 48 states takes 2-4 days. For Alaska/Hawaii it may take up to 7 days.

We also offer expedited 2 day shipping and express 1 day shipping for an additional fee.

Our shipments are usually processed within a few hours of ordering. Wemight be able to change it before it has shipped, but wecannot guarantee this. Pleasecontact us immediately if you need to change the address.

If you ordered through Amazon you possibly cancel the order and create a new order. Alternatively try to contact them directly and see what they can do.